SCALER Reports

The role of intermediaries and key enabling technologies for ideation and implementation of industrial symbiosis

This report provides an insight into the role of intermediaries in the process of initiation and implementation of industrial symbiosis. The study identifies a set of enabling technologies which could be used for, and enable industrial symbiosis – and looks into the application and benefits of these technologies.

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Lessons learnt and best practices for enhancing industrial symbiosis in the process industry

This report provides an evidence base of best practices in industrial symbiosis. Bringing together multiple research methods to build a rich picture and triangulate findings, the study casts light on the various approaches that companies choose to adopt.

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How to create incentives for industrial symbiosis while preventing and mitigating implementation risks

This report looks at incentives that can promote the implementation of industrial symbiosis on a large scale, understand the risks that could be associated with their implementation and how to mitigate them.The study takes into account financial, social, technological, information-related and policy-related levers, among others.

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Pathways to increase industrial symbiosis including tools & methods
for stakeholders

This report provides provides an insight into state-of-the-art tools and methods that could facilitate the implementation and enable stakeholder pathways towards self-organised industrial symbiosis. The study also identifies a set of tools and methods, which could be used by industry practitioners in their self-organised industrial symbiosis endeavours.

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