Our bookshelf provides practical information and reports on industrial symbiosis from a range of external researchers and initiatives.

International survey on eco-innovation parks
This study presents lessons learned from experiences on eco-innovation parks, encompassing sustainable industrial and urban projects at the park or district scale.
User Guide to engage in industrial symbiosis through the T4IS
This practical guide provides information on industrial symbiosis, how to set up a project and how to increase likelihood of success.
Secondary Resources in the Bio-Based Economy
This article explores how automated data analysis approaches can help in analysing large bodies of text to distill and present potential value pathways for secondary (waste) bio-based materials.
Exploitation report from the EPOS project
This report studies the potential for industrial symbiosis in Europe, generating more than 1000 synergy ideas
from interviews with field actors in industrial facilities.
Industrial symbiosis in European Policy: Overview of recent progress
This paper explains the cooperation and processes realised within industrial networks, based on the principles of industrial symbiosis in Denmark, Russia and Slovakia.
Industrial Evolution: Making British manufacturing sustainable
This report sets out how to start redesigning the UK industrial system to make it more sustainable, improve national security and ultimately enhance quality of life.
Development of the Tool SymbioSyS to Support the Transition Towards a Circular Economy Based on Industrial Symbiosis Strategies
This document present SymbioSyS, a tool based on ICT-web systems to promote the sustainable use of resources through IS strategies and to facilitate networking among companies and businesses.
Methodology for Evaluating Beneficial Uses of Industrial Non-Hazardous Secondary Materials
This document describes a methodology developed for evaluating the beneficial use of industrial non-hazardous secondary materials.
The potential of industrial symbiosis as a key driver of green growth in Nordic regions
This study shows different approaches to industrial symbiosis in the Nordic countries, and its potential as a key driver of green growth.
A regional Industrial Symbiosis methodology and its implementation in Geneva, Switzerland
This project develops an empirical and systematic method for detecting and implementing by-products
synergies between industrial actors disseminated throughout the Geneva region.

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