Category: Timeline

Innovation Camp

European workshop that aims to unite EU stakeholders and create a true vision for industrial symbiosis…

Standardisation Needs report

New report on standardisation needs, monitoring the standardisation initiatives related to industrial symbiosis and identifying areas…

Policy recommendations

Informed European strategy and policy recommendations to support the implementation and operation of industrial synergies.

Business Case

Generic business case framework composed of 10 modules, each module focused on specific themes such as…

Guidelines for Industrial Symbiosis Implementation

Guidelines for implementation of industrial symbiosis, including information on best practices and incentives, and results from…

Case studies

Comprehensive “quick guides” on recommended practices and strategies in industrial symbiosis deployment.

Report on potential of industrial symbiosis in Europe

New report assessing the potential of industrial symbiosis in Europe, including a detailed and statistical analysis…

Environmental and socio-economic impact assessments

New report detailing the related environmental impact of identified synergies, and assessing the environmental and socio-economic…

Regional workshops

5 regional workshops organised across various EU locations, bringing together key actors and stakeholders in the…

Tools and methods for self-organised Industrial Symbiosis

New report identifying the best available and emerging techniques and technologies for industrial symbiosis synergy implementation.

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